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About Visualization


When a client first comes to see me for hypnotherapy, I teach them how to enter a state of deep relaxation. From there we move on to guided visualizations and imagery. Visualizing is another form of meditation, entering a trance-like state in order to leave the physical behind and research their mind in detail to help understand their behaviour, reactions and emotions. They will learn how to see in 'their minds' eye' places and images where they can perform tasks that help them to understand how to alter their life in real time for better outcomes to their life choices. They can check in and see how they are really feeling about situations in a safe place were there are no consequences. This allows them to look at alternatives and how they would feel with different choices.

Visualizations are also very enjoyable, you can choose to take a vacations anywhere you like without ever leaving the comfort of your chair or bed. It is imagery, so you can create a wonderful place to have some 'time out' and rest your mind and body. You can swim in turquoise oceans, climb beautiful mountains or fly. Whatever you choose. Self-hypnosis/visualizations is very useful to aid sleep, reduce stress and gives you a general feeling of well-being. If we imagine that our body is a working machine and like all machines it needs to 'cool down' and have some maintenance to keep it working well, frequently doing your visualizations will help you achieve that. We are often very careful what we put in our mouths but not so careful what we allow to enter our minds. Self-hypnosis helps us to really look at what is real and what is just anxiety and negativity and release it. Buddhist monks for centuries have practised the art of self-hypnosis as have Native Americans and many others. Although they use it for spiritual focus and cleansing it does not have to be used for religious purposes alone. All manner of sports competitors, martial art practitioners and yoga all use the same techniques. It focuses the mind and helps us to achieve whatever it is we seek.




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