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Hypnotherapy Sessions

Etchingham, East Sussex, TN19 7AU   (also available in Rye and Hastings)

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Venue and Fees

In addition to regular counselling (which may include short sessions of hypnotherapy or visualization), it may be appropriate to conduct full hypnotherapy sessions, either to enable you to take control of various negative behaviours that you may have, or to aid in the cessation of destructive habits, such as smoking, alcohol or drug abuse.

I usually conduct hypnotherapy sessions at my premises in Etchingham. My private meeting room is quiet, comfortable, and well suited for this purpose. I can also conduct hypnotherapy sessions in your home, if appropriate.

Hypnotherapy sessions are by appointment only. 


My fees are £60 for a one hour session, or £75 for ninety minutes. Fees for hypnotherapy in your home will vary according to distance.


Payment can be made at the meeting by cash or cheque. If you prefer to pay in advance, I can email you a PayPal request that you can pay securely online using your credit or debit card.

Contact me

Appointments can be arranged by email, where you can safely leave your contact details and your most convenient availability. I will contact you within 48 hours to offer an appointment.

For the sake of confidentiality please ensure that you make clear which telephone number or email address you want me to use, as well as any restrictions regarding the leaving of messages.

If you have any questions, please feel free to telephone or email me any time.








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