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Hypnotherapy is used internationally for many different reasons. It is extremely effective for helping someone to change their negative behavioural habits such as anger, anxiety, stress and lack of self-confidence, to name but a few. Cessation of certain destructive habits such as alcohol abuse, drug abuse, smoking and eating disorders can also be achieved if the recipient truly wants to stop. It is even more effective if the person also receives counselling at the same time so that they understand why these habits or behaviour patterns occurred in the first place.

During hypnotherapy the receiver remains conscious, they will be in a deeply relaxed state that allows them to focus on their mind instead of their body. Their breathing will slow and become more shallow and their heart rate will slow so that they are completely relaxed and comfortable. I teach my clients how to let go of the tension in their body and face and speak to them throughout the session to enable them to access their unconscious mind.

It is the unconscious mind that holds all our records and memories, rather like a data base. Sometimes the data is outdated and no longer useful and merely serves to keep the client in a state of anxiety or fear. Through hypnotherapy we can, together, sift through what needs to be updated and made positive. I do not remove or delete anything from anybody's mind, we simply adjust how they perceive possibly themselves or situations and focus on positive ways forward.

Hypnotherapy is sometimes used in the place of pain relief or analgesia for medical procedures. Self-hypnosis is widely used and very effective to help people achieve their goals and gain focus. If our lives are in chaos our unconscious mind is probably also in chaos. Learning how to focus our mind is the key to inner peace and self-belief. In self-hypnosis we use visualizations which I explain on the 'About Visualizations' page.

Hypnotherapy can change people's lives very much for the better. By understanding and controlling your own mind you take control of your life.




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