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Even before we are actually born we start to record our experiences. Throughout our childhood we add to these experiences which all contribute to making us entirely unique. These form part of what is generally called our ‘life script’. What does this mean? It can affect everything from our likes and dislikes to the way we process information and our reactions to different situations and behaviour patterns.

Through counselling I can help you unpick events in your life that may be causing you to repeat behaviour patterns that bring either a negative or unfulfilled result. It is important that you choose a counsellor that you feel comfortable with. Counselling is often a very emotional as well as an empowering experience. Together we will explore whatever aspect of your life you choose to share, offloading thoughts and feelings that may have been burdensome or traumatic.

How long does counselling go on for? That depends entirely on the nature of the particular problem. After you tell me what you would like to work on I will give you an assessment of the situation and say whether brief or longer term counselling would be most appropriate. We will discuss between us on a regular basis how you feel you are progressing in your counselling sessions and how many more you may want. Should you feel, at any time, that you want to stop having counselling it is advisable to have a final session for closure.

I often use a combination of counselling and hypnotherapy. It is important to be clear as to what is causing the problem. Counselling will both aid getting to the root of the problem and support you through working to resolve it. Hypnotherapy can then be used appropriately to reinforce your desire to change your behaviour patterns for a more positive and fulfilling outcome.

Life is a gift and making the most of every day depends on how we unwrap it.




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